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Culture of Corruption, Part Twelve

The editors of the Washington Post rip into Democratic Illinois senator Roland Burris, for his obvious efforts to help out former Democratic Illinois governor Rod Blagojevich:

We warned that anyone who accepted the appointment from Mr. Blagojevich to fill Mr. Obama’s Senate seat would be suspect. With each passing month, Mr. Burris proves us right. He proves why the power to fill Senate vacancies should rest with voters at the ballot box in a special election. And he proves why he should resign.

Yes, yes, but it is worth noting how, precisely, the people of Illinois ended up in this mess. Illinois Democrats, with the honorable exception of Dick Durbin, staunchly opposed a special election to fill Obama’s seat. And the president, who has no hesitation about weighing in on everything from the true interpretation of Islam to who should run GM to whether college football should have a playoff system to whether western democracies should ban the hjiab, suddenly had nothing to say about who should replace him in the Senate or how his successor should be chosen.

If Barack Obama had said there ought to be a special election, there would have been a special election. It’s that simple.


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