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Culture of Corruption, Part Twenty-Four

A Cleveland Plain-Dealer columnist — a registered Democrat — notices that despite FBI investigations of corruption in the local Democratic party, not one lawmaker with a “D” after their name is willing to stand up and say the alleged behavior is unacceptable:

Jones is an incumbent Democrat, a name. Despite the FBI probe, I suspect that if Dimora and Russo were running this year, they’d win again, too. So would former sheriff Gerald McFaul, who exited office chased by scandal this year. The same old names win year after year because you, the voters, let them. You are apathetic. You don’t do your homework. You don’t lift the covers. Then you wonder why our region is rotting.
That apathy goes all the way to the top. Despite charges filed Friday against Kelly and several others, and strong insinuations of wrongdoing by Dimora and Russo, Democrats here don’t have the guts to demand that Dimora and Russo step down.
Where are you, Bill Cervenik? Ed Kelley? Armond Budish? Kenny Yuko? Frank Jackson? Dennis Kucinich? Martin Zanotti? Barbara Boyd? Shirley Smith? Marsha Fudge? Martin Sweeney? Georgine Welo? Are you afraid to utter a word against the big party boss for fear of retaliation? Or do corruption’s tentacles reach deeper than we know, and you’re hiding out of fear?
Wake up, voters. Read the charges against Kelly and the alleged activities of the “unnamed” public officials. Find them in Saturday’s Plain Dealer and on
Discover the disdain these officials show for procedure, contracts and public money. They care only about their own power. They care only about their cronies. They care only about the party. That is true regardless of how this plays out. Whether those charged are found guilty or exonerated, the veil has been lifted.
Yes, a new county government reform plan has been put forth, but since the Democrats oppose it, it’s dead.

Dennis Kucinich is the only lawmaker brave enough to take a stand against the Pentagon deploying psychotronic, mind-controlling weapons, but he won’t take a stand on indicted officials in his own backyard.

Unless, of course, the party bosses have some of those psychotronic, mind-controlling weapons themselves . . .


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