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Culture of Corruption, Part Twenty-Six

Former Dallas mayor Don Hill, a Democrat, sees a witch hunt targeting him:

Don Hill yet again claims he’s being subjected to federal prosecution and persecution because, look, he’s a Democrat and not because he had anything to do with accepting bribes to push through low-income housing developments. Says Hill, who clearly won’t be gagged by any gag order, “The way they went about investigating, targeting and now prosecuting me was not fair from the standpoint of I’m a Democrat, the[re] was an effort made throughout the country to target local Democrats and that, in my judgment, is unfair and unjust.”
But it should be noted: This isn’t the first time Hill has made such a claim. In July 2008, his attorney, Ray Jackson, filed a motion to dismiss in which he blamed the U.S. Attorney’s Office under the Bush administration for Hill’s legal troubles

. . . The motion to dismiss . . . was denied.

This national effort to target Democrats is an intriguing theory, since it would appear so many of them escaped the dragnet . . .


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