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Daily Kos Founder ‘Long Ago’ Cut Off Contact With White House

On page A3 of today’s Washington Post:

Another liberal movement leader, Daily Kos blog founder Markos Moulitsas, said he “long ago” cut off contact with the White House. “It’s clear that they want to double down on their capitulation strategy,” he said in an e-mail.

Those words are written in English, but I cannot seem to get them to make sense in that order.

The staff of the leader of the free world, with the world’s most powerful bully pulpit, in service of a president whose persuasive and oratorical abilities are endlessly touted, find themselves needing the assistance of the founder of Daily Kos? And when they reach out to him, he refuses to hear them? And he’s refused to respond to them for quite some time now? In other words, he doesn’t respond to their e-mails or calls, and they keep calling?

That makes no sense for Obama and his team, to appear so needy to blogger, even one with the traffic of Kos. It makes no sense to do it with a blogger with Kos’ reputation for controversy. It really makes no sense to keep doing it after he’s snubbed them.

And it really makes no sense for Kos to think he can best achieve his agenda by refusing to interact with the White House.


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