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‘Damage will continue until Obama explains his position in detail and (in a dignified and uplifting way).’

President Obama says he has “no regrets” about how he has handled (or not handled) the mosque issue, and Mark Halperin — you remember him begging Republicans not to discuss this issue, because it would somehow give a victory to the terrorists — is incredulous:

Really??!! Another presidential comment on this sensitive matter made on the fly in response to a press question? The political and substantive damage will continue until Obama explains his position in detail and (in a dignified and uplifting way) explains why his critics are wrong. This is a classic case of a politician losing control of his public image on a key issue — only in this instance, it has implications for the whole world.

Clearly, the best way for Obama to sort all this out is to give a long, heavily hyped, prime-time speech from Ground Zero on September 11, 2010. Perhaps he could have families of the victims there, so he could lay out the errors in their thinking.

Oh, I didn’t mean the best way for him . . .

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