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Daniel Webster 46, Devil 30, and Other Interesting House Polls


Summarizing the big poll dump the NRCC just provided the Washington Post:

  • FL-8: Daniel Webster (R) 46, Alan Grayson* (D) 30

  • PA 3: Mike Kelly (R) 56, Kathy Dahlkemper* (D) 39

  • OH-15: Steve Stivers (R) 51, Mary Jo Kilroy* (D) 39

  • WA-3: Jaime Herrera (R) 51, Denny Heck (D) 38

  • NY-20: Chris Gibson (R) 48, Scott Murphy* (D) 45

  • MA-10: Jeff Perry (R) 44, Bill Keating (D) 42

  • IL-17: Bobby Schilling (R) 44, Phil Hare* (D) 41

  • PA-10: Tom Marino (R) 44, Chris Carney* (D) 37

  • VA-9: Morgan Griffith (R) 44, Rick Boucher* (D) 44

  • OR-5: Scott Bruun (R) 44, Kurt Schrader (D) 42

  • OH-6: Bill Johnson (R) 40, Charlie Wilson* (D) 40

    (* = denotes incumbent)

All of these results sound pretty plausible, but if you want to take some salt with an NRCC-commissioned poll, that’s fine. I would note that any Democratic incumbent who’s polling in the high 30s or low 40s in a cycle like this is probably doomed or close to doomed.


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