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Daschle: ‘Certainly, I Don’t Think That Many People Are Overtaxed.’

From Let Freedom Ring, by Sean Hannity, page 209:

In October of 1997, for example, then-Senate Minority Leader Tom Daschle was speaking with some journalists when he was asked if Democrats thought the American people were overtaxed, and whether he had any interest in working with Americans to cut taxes . . .
“We have the lowest tax rate of any industrialized country in the world,” Daschle replied. “That tax rate has, in large measure, been the subject of a great deal of debate about fairness for a long period of time. We have a great disparity between the richest and poorest in this country. Our view is that we’ve got to make the tax system more fair. But certainly I don’t think that many people are overtaxed.”

I guess it’s easy to conclude that people aren’t overtaxed when you fail to pay about $140,000 or so.


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