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DCCC: When Are the Jobs? And Who Taught Us How to Write?

The DCCC, facing a steep comeback trail in 2012, has made its first move, launching a web site entitled “When Are the Jobs?

I know, that doesn’t really make sense and is barely a sentence. The DCCC doesn’t just oppose traditional values; they oppose traditional sentence structure.

The site points out how long the Republicans have had the speaker’s gavel (35 days today) and “0 job creation bills.” Because the DCCC appears to have spent minutes and minutes developing the site, it doesn’t say whether the missing “job creation bills” should be introduced, or passed, or signed into law.

A snarkier defender of House Republicans could point out that in the month Republicans took office, unemployment dropped four-tenths of one percent — but I won’t, since I think that number mostly reflects Americans dropping out of the workforce. But I would note that since Republicans won the election, they, the speaker-to-be and the president agreed to extend the Bush tax cuts (eliminating at least some of the uncertainty hanging over businesses) and giving workers a bit more take-home pay by reducing the payroll tax by two percentage points.

The Democrats are also mocking House Republicans for not living up to their promise to reduce government spending by $100 billion within one year.

Tell me again, how many billions in cuts have the House Democrats proposed?


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