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A Debate Set Up To Avoid Disagreements

As if there wasn’t enough flaws in this debate, the DMR has decided to be meticulously deliberate in treating Dodd, Biden, and Richardson as important as frontrunners Hillary, Obama, and Edwards. The thing is, these guys aren’t going to generate any news. Nothing they’ve said so far has been any different from anything they’ve said in earlier debates. And I have a hard time believing the Register’s headline tomorrow is going to be: RICHARDSON CALLS FOR MANDATORY PHYS-ED.
(Although again, Richardson looks like he could use some mandatory phys-ed. I’m not saying this just to mock him, I’m a bit worried about the guy’s health.) 
“Entitlements will be a problem if we don’t act. But the solution is within our grasp.”
Quick, guess who said that. It was Biden, but it could have come from anyone. Like it or not, debates are supposed to be about contrast, what makes the candidates different.
This format, these time limits, these questions, this moderator – all of them add up to create a blur of the Democratic candidates. I don’t think any of them have said anything that any of the others disagree with so far, and we’re about 30 minutes in.

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