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The Debate Shifts to Iranian Speedboats

A question from Brit Hume to Huckabee regarding the Naval confrontation with Iran doesn’t clear up much. Mike Huckabee’s not going to second-guess the captains.

Thompson: Iran was clearly testing us. They took British hostages under similar circumstances. It’s some insight into their thinking. The Revolutionary Guard has taken over from the regular military forces regarding those speedboats. They’re going to get a little more frisky.
Rudy questions the NIE on Iran.
I missed the joke earlier – Fred talked about his eagerness to introduce the Iranian extremists to those virgins they’re so eager to meet. Daaaaang.
Ron Paul wants more caution. Says the whole circumstance reminds him of the Gulf of Tonkin.
He says they U.S. Navy can take care of those speedboats “in about five seconds, and we’re going to start World War Three over it?”
Congressman Paul, you ever hear about the U.S.S. Cole? One speedboat with explosives, nearly took down a guided missile destroyer.
Romney: “Ron Paul should not be reading Ahmedinijad’s press releases.”
Paul’s argument that the threat from Iran is overstated was a high, hanging curve, and it was a solid hit from Romney.


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