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The Debate Shifts To Iraq & The Middle East

McCain noted that one year ago today, Bush announced the surge strategy. Says Petraeus should have been Time’s Man of the Year.

Rudy Giuliani says the Palestinian authority has to accomplish three things – recognize Israel’s right to exist, and give up terrorism in both policy and practice, and then see a period of time without that terrorism.
McCain said only he supported the surge, and Rudy says, “no, I was on television the evening he announced it, and supported it as well.”
McCain: “My point was that I condemned the Rumsfeld strategy, and proposed this surge strategy.”
Judging by the response to his comment that Israel could have handled Iraq’s invasion of Kuwait, Paul has a certain amount of fans in the room.
McCain: “I’m not interested in trading with al-Qaeda, all they have to trade is burqas. I’m not interested in traveling with them. They just want one-way tickets.”
Ron Paul: “We used to be allies with Osama bin Laden.”
Horse%(#&$, Congressman. The United States never worked with Osama bin Laden.
Thompson: “You can tell the news coming out of Iraq is good, because you read so little about it in the New York Times.”


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