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The Decision-Making on the Stage Is All Greek To Me

The discussion with several of my NR colleagues is what, precisely, the Obama campaign is doing with the Greek-pillared stage at Invesco Field.

The jokes are starting already. The O-cropolis. Toga instructions from the McCain campaign. My Big Fat Greek Acceptance Speech. Obama’s Oddessey. The Barackolis. Is it supposed to look like the Lincoln Memorial? The Brandenberg Gate? The Parthenon? The White House? The Isle of Lesbos?
Maybe, just maybe, it will look a lot better on television. But it’s hard to believe, based on what we’ve seen so far. The leading theory is that the Obama leadership is in a bubble, were completely blindsided by the “Celebrity” ad, and they continue to see organizing a presidential campaign as akin to putting on the greatest Super Bowl halftime show in history.
Much of this will be discussed in this evening’s edition of Red Meat, our new convention video feature, brought to you by the culinary masters at Ruth’s Chris steakhouse.


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