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The Deeds Campaign’s Strange Definitions of Positive and Negative

In Virginia’s governor’s race, Democrat Creigh Deeds’ campaign manager Joe Abbey laments, “Bob McDonnell has saturated the airwaves — deliberately misleading voters about his dangerous agenda with “positive” ads while simultaneously smearing Creigh Deeds with false attacks.”

I think they’re called “positive ads because they’re, you know, positive:

I know, there was something negative about the way he tossed the football to his son.

Meanwhile, here’s the ad that the Deeds campaign is asking for donations to help keep on the air:

The ad says McDonnell opposes abortion in cases of rape and incest (he doesn’t), that he opposed birth control for married adults (he doesn’t, and I don’t know where they got that), and that he’s on a “Crusade” to take Virginia back. Apparently Richmond is on the way to Jerusalem.

I note Deeds says at the end, “I’m Creigh Deeds and my campaign sponsored this ad.” I guess even he didn’t approve this message.

UPDATE: Deeds has run five ads in the general election; three are attack ads entirely about his rival. McDonnell has run three, none of which mention Deeds.

I also note that Deeds’ education ad says he’s been “endorsed by classroom teachers” instead of saying “endorsed by the Virginia Education Association”?


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