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‘This Is Deeds Country’… ‘Where There Isn’t Much Opportunity.’

It’s tough to find too much to complain about in your standard-issue biographical video featuring the candidate and his telegenic, smiling family, but certain left-of-center bloggers are underwhelmed with the latest release from Virginia Democratic gubernatorial candidate Creigh Deeds: “How many Obama voters are going to be fired up (ready to go) when they see Deeds driving a gas-guzzler down dusty rural roads aw-shucksing it up with a decidedly non-diverse crowd? As NotLarrySabato commented on Twitter, “Can someone please tell @CreighDeeds he is running for Governor of an urban/suburban state- not Sheriff of Mayberry.”

The theme is, “this is Deeds Country.” Judging from the images of stretching fields, cow pastures, carless roads, empty barns, and landscapes with few people, the most striking factor of “Deeds Country” is how few people live there.
He mentions that his part of the state is one where there’s not much opportunity, a complaint that probably should be taken up with the local state senator for poor performance.

For more background on Creigh Deeds, check out my profile of him from last week.


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