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Democratic Congresswomen With No Comment on Maher’s Rhetoric

Ed Frank, a consultant specializing in video messaging, bumped into Democratic Congresswomen Sheila Jackson Lee of Texas and Jan Schakowsky of Illinois on Capitol Hill today. He asked, in light of their denunciation of Rush Limbaugh, whether they feel the same about Bill Maher’s crude comments that former Gov. Sarah Palin is a “c***” and a “dumb tw**” and whether Obama’s SuperPAC should return Maher’s $1 million donation.

Unsurprisingly, they refused to answer the question . . . repeatedly . . . for several minutes . . . until it became rather embarrassing.

I do feel a bit bad for Schakowsky, who so steadfastly ignores the question that she realizes, halfway through the interaction, that she’s walking away from the building where she intended to enter.

A Schakowsky aide urges Frank to call the office for a comment, which seems strange, considering how he has the congresswoman right in front of him, and has asked her several times at that point.

“I’m not making a comment,” she said after a few moments of Frank repeatedly asking about the matter. “I have no comment.”

At this moment, the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee is running a petition “calling on Republican leaders to publicly denounce Rush Limbaugh’s cruel tirade against women.” And as noted earlier, Bill Maher is performing at a fundraiser for the Alabama Democratic party later this month.

But only that particular cruel tirade against women. Bill Maher’s cruel tirades are perfectly fine.


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