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‘Democrats are grumbling big-time here, because they say the White House didn’t think that through.’

Ow. CNN congressional correspondent Dana Bash:  “You know, Wolf, that shutting down Guantanamo Bay is such a high priority for President Obama that he announced on his second full day in office that he wants to close it this January. The problem is he doesn’t have a plan to do that, or at least what to do with terror suspects, and he did ask Congress for millions of dollars. And you know, Democrats are grumbling big-time here, because they say the White House didn’t think that through, and now they’re paying the political price.”

They quote Sen. Dick Durbin as saying, “Most of the members would have said, ‘why would we cast an unpopular vote for a theory instead of a plan?’”

Notice that Durbin is conceding that closing Gitmo and bringing the prisoners to the U.S. is unpopular.

Notice also that the grumbling is described as “big-time.” Score another point for Dick Cheney.

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