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A Democrat’s Desperation Move Out in California’s 51st District

When Nick Popaditch wins in California’s 51st district, late in the evening November 2 or early in the morning November 3, remember who was mentioning him as a promising candidate way back on March 12.

Why am I confidently predicting a win by a little-known underfunded Republican in a D+8 district against a nine-term incumbent? Because a confident incumbent’s campaign doesn’t do things like this:

Republican Congressional Candidate Nick Popaditch is responding to an ad Congressman Bob Filner is running about his voting record.

The ad Filner is running claims Popaditch has not voted for more than 11 years, but KUSI has documents showing that’s not the case.

Popaditch says he even rushed to vote after being released from the hospital due to injuries he received serving in Iraq, “I voted this year, in ‘08, ‘06 in ‘04. Even when I was discharged from the hospital due to my wounds in combat, I had to speed out to San Bernardino where I was stationed out at 29 Palms in San Bernardino County to cast my vote in ‘04 to make it there before the polls closed.”

My first question is, How, pray tell, does Filner think voters will react to that ad? “What? Nick Popaditch didn’t vote some years? Gee, I guess the guy left blinded by wounds from battle just doesn’t love this country enough.” But then it’s a lie that can be dispelled within ten minutes!

That screams desperation.

I’ve been lamenting the lack of polling in this district, but I hear from a source who’s a fan of Popaditch that some outside group did poll the district and found it neck and neck, with the incumbent well below 50. I’d love to see more specifics on that poll, but even without it, I’m predicting a Popaditch win.


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