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Democrats Start Eyeing Montana’s Lone House Seat

Each political figure’s decision to run for higher office sets off a domino effect. Because Rep. Denny Rehberg, a Montana Republican, is expected to run for that state’s Senate seat next year, other politicians start looking at his seat

Democratic state Rep. Franke Wilmer on Tuesday became the first candidate to officially announce her candidacy for the 2012 race for Montana’s sole U.S. House seat.

The announcement came after the Washington D.C. news outlet Roll Call reported that Republican Congressman Denny Rehberg would forego a seventh term in the House to challenge incumbent Democratic U.S. Sen. Jon Tester.

Wilmer, 60, is a three-term representative from Bozeman. She served as Speaker Pro Tempore in the 2009 Legislative session and teaches political science, international relations and politics of war and peace at Montana State University.

Interestingly, Wilmer discussed the possibility that Obamacare would be struck down by the Supreme Court:

Wilmer outlined three issues she plans to focus on during her campaign: reducing the deficit, improving health care and developing clean energy.

Wilmer said those are not partisan issues.

“If health care reform is going to be declared unconstitutional then we’ve all got to get on with the program and fix it because we need it,” Wilmer said.


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