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If you have tried to “friend” me on Facebook in the past and I’ve ignored you, it’s nothing personal; it’s just because I only used my Facebook page for personal stuff — staying in touch with old friends, sharing pictures of my kids, stalking girls I went to high school with, you know, the usual. (Or, you know . . . maybe I secretly find you weird.)

But I’ve been convinced that there’s a large audience out there that never ventures out of Facebook, so here’s a work-related page. Like it, comment to it, share articles and blog posts, make fun of dorky pictures of me, do as you like.

In other news, here’s how today’s appearance on Daily Rundown went . . .

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Unfortunately, I didn’t get to use all of my notes on the predicted consequences of the sequester:

  • Fire and brimstone coming down from the skies

  • Rivers and seas boiling

  • Forty years of darkness

  • Earthquakes, volcanoes

  • Dead rising from the grave

  • Human sacrifice

  • Dogs and cats living together

  • Mass hysteria

We haven’t heard this kind of talk since, oh, 1984 or so.


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