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Did Anti-Joe-Wilson Protesters ‘Move On’ to Something Else?

The president of the Hilton Head Republican Club tells me that yesterday’s event featuring Rep. Joe Wilson was a huge success:

Before his speech, Wilson told club members he had a “town hall moment” when he yelled out “you lie” after Obama said health care legislation would not provide coverage for illegal immigrants.

“I fully respect President Obama,” Wilson said. “There is a right place and a right time to make your statement.”

Wilson handed out “Let’s Go Joe” stickers, while club members circled around and showered him with support. Many noted the array of signs for him at recent rallies and at the TEA Party March on Washington on Sept. 12.

He said that among his personal favorites were signs that said, “Joe Wilson, the Truth Tzar.”

Of the constituents he’s heard from since the incident, about 1 percent have been angry and 99 percent appreciative, he said . . .

Representatives of the Michigan Republican Party called, Wilson said, to say they were raffling off Joe Wilson key chains.

Beaufort County Councilman Brian Flewelling drew one of the biggest laughs when he yelled “you lie” after Wilson said Flewelling had searched on eBay to see what he could get for his collection of Joe Wilson key chains and found them listed at $1.28 apiece.

I’m sure it made Democrats feel good to give $1.5 million to Wilson’s rival, Rob Miller, but with Wilson raking in $2 million, there are probably other House races where that money could have been more useful . . .


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