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Did Hillary’s Surrogate Mix Up Iowa and Ohio?

Nita Lowey, yesterday on Meet the Press: “Now, you and I know that no one since 1960 has won the presidency without winning Iowa.”
Perhaps she meant no Democrat has won the presidency in 1960 without carrying Iowa, as Gore carried Iowa in 2000. Dukakis carried Iowa in 1988… no, wait, Nixon carried Iowa in 1960.
Actually, as I look at her following sentence…
“We know you have to win Iowa, we have to win Pennsylvania, you have to win Florida. There are key states that are critical to getting the number of votes in the electoral college. And I think right now, frankly, it’s a tie.”
I think she meant Ohio.
Two states, kinda Midwest, both with four letters and beginning and ending with vowels. I could see how it happens. But I wouldn’t try to explain it to voters in those states.


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