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Discussing Fast & Furious, Holder Laments His ‘Character Assassination’

This morning, I wrote, “Eric Holder Should Become a Campaign Issue Today.”

Rep. Ann Marie Buerkle, New York Republican, offered a fine example of how to skewer the administration. The Attorney General of the United States should not be able to avoid any serious accountability by accusing critics of “political games” and claiming that he is the target of “character assassination.”

When a U.S. Border Patrol officer has been literally assassinated as a result of the scandal, it is audacious to play the victim card.

Buerkle’s line of questioning began by showing Mr. Holder video of the testimony given by the victim’s family that occurred at a previous Oversight and Government Reform Committee. She then proceeded to cross examine the Attorney General regarding his lack of accountability asking him “How many more Border Patrol Agents would have to die as part of Operation Fast and Furious for you to take responsibility?”

“The Attorney General’s testimony today was disgraceful. His continued deflection of accountability and denial of any knowledge of Operation Fast and Furious is shameful. If he, as head of the Department, is not accountable, then who is? How bad does a situation have to be, how many people have to be killed, before Mr. Holder believes he should be held accountable? If he had no knowledge of the program that is under his purview, then he is grossly incompetent,” said Rep. Buerkle.

“Throughout Congress’s investigation into Operation Fast and Furious, Attorney General Eric Holder has been consistent. He has been consistently callous toward the victim’s family, consistently inaccurate in the information he has provided to Congress, consistently not taken responsibility for his role, and consistently dodged difficult questions. I once again demand his resignation, because whether he is accountable or incompetent he has utterly failed in his responsibilities as Attorney General.”

Holder told Buerkle her question was “beneath a member of Congress.”


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