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The DNC, Doing Their Part To Obliterate Honesty In Political Rhetoric

In a sign that we are rapidly approaching the Apocalypse of American Political Rhetoric, the Democratic National Committee has issued a press release quoting conservatives who generally support Rudy Giuliani, but acknowledge his flaws and weaknesses, and declared “Conservative Leaders Oppose Giuliani’s Candidacy.” 

Among the more egregious butchering of individuals’ quotes:

Frum Said Giuliani Can’t Win. Neoconservative David Frum, ex-speechwriter to President Bush, put it bluntly when asked about Giuliani’s shot at the nomination. “He has one obstacle in his way: the social conservatives. And he shouldn’t just assume he can get past it,” Frum said. [New York Daily News, 11/15/06]

 Klein Said Giuliani Victory Would Be Difficult. The American Spectator’s Philip Klein wrote that “a Giuliani victory would be difficult, not impossible.” [GayPatriot, 11/19/06]

Now, those of us with a verbal score above 200 on our SATs will notice that Frum did not say Rudy can’t win; he said he has an obstacle, and he shouldn’t just assume he can get past it. [And does anyone think for a moment that Giuliani is assuming he can get past social conservatives without reaching out to them?]


And Philip Klein is not happy, as he is one of Giuliani’s biggest fans in the blogosphere and the exact article that the quote is cited from stated, “In a unique time, America’s Mayor finds himself in prime position to win the presidency.” And what, exactly is surprising, about the statement that a victory would be difficult? Every presidential victory is difficult.


Thank you, DNC, for doing your part to obliterate honest discussion of politics in this country. Just as when you eagerly cited the comments of NRO contributors who pointed out the off-his-game performance of President Bush in the first debate of 2004, you have demonstrated that any time a Republican or right-of-center fellow acknowledges the flaws, weaknesses, or problems of their leaders, they will have it used against them and cited as a major scandal or blow to party unity in one of your rapid-response press releases, as if anyone’s mind has ever been changed by one of those.


Yes, heaven forbid anyone actually acknowledge that the candidates on their own side have flaws. Thanks to the hardworking stiffs at the DNC, all writers, commentators, columnists and bloggers will forever march in lockstep forced enthusiasm of party unity. Hurrah! 


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