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Does Indiana Need a Pro-Teapot Museum GOP Senator?

Richard Mourdock, challenging six-term incumbent Sen. Richard Lugar in Indiana’s GOP primary, is running a statewide ad hitting his opponent on earmarks:


Richard Mourdock: Every Year, Congress finds new ways to spend our money… and Sadly, Senator Lugar went along with it: voting for the Bridge to Nowhere, a rainforest in Iowa, even a teapot museum. When Senator Lugar recently had the chance to stop wasteful earmarks, he voted no. We’re fifteen trillion in debt and it has to stop. I’m Richard Mourdock and I approve this message because Dick Lugar won’t vote to end wasteful spending and earmarks. I will.

For what it’s worth, a survey by Lugar’s SuperPAC contends Lugar would be favored win reelection easily against the Democrat, Joe Donnelly, while Mourdock would begin a general-election battle in a virtual tie.

A common refrain from conservatives at CPAC was, “no matter how the presidential race turns out, we have to work to ensure that president will face a more conservative Senate in January 2013.” Replacing Lugar with Mourdock would be a big step in that direction.

One other reason to keep any eye on Indiana: “An internal poll for U.S. Rep. Joe Donnelly’s Democratic Senate campaign showed that Obama trailed probable (er, possible) Republican nominee Mitt Romney by just 4 percent.”


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