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Does Obamacare Treat E.J. Dionne’s Incurable Optimism?

In E. J. Dionne’s world last week, the financial-reform bill was going to put the Republicans on the defensive in November.

This week it’s the Arizona immigration bill and Charlie Crist’s departure from the party.

A little earlier, Dionne passed along a Democratic candidate’s prediction that “several more months of economic growth will improve the climate for Democrats.”

A little earlier, it was health care that was “an enormous achievement, and it alters the political terrain in ways that are favorable to Democrats. By creating new facts on the ground, health reform complicates the Republicans’ task.”

On April 1, it was optimism about Charlie Crist’s chances in the GOP primary:

Fortunately for Crist, the primary is not until Aug. 24. A race that has swung so far in one direction may yet have one more big swing in it. Crist sees the turn against him as the product of a very bad economy, the “disappointment and concern and fear” it has bred, and the fact that “some people speak to that fear.” If that fear abates even a bit in the coming months, it will be good for Barack Obama — and very good indeed for the sunny Charlie Crist.

For some reason, I suspect E. J. Dionne roots for the Chicago Cubs.


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