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Does Obama’s Concession Speech Sound a Little ‘Bitter’ To You?

Arrrgh. In his concession speech, Barack Obama feels the need to once again use that selective half-quote of McCain, appearing to see only economic growth, when he said it was “no comfort” to those experiencing hard times.

A significant portion of this concession speech is devoted to kicking around McCain as insufficiently sympathetic to the plight of suffering Americans, and insufficiently dedicated to the cause of “real change.” I wonder if there’s a desire to beat up on someone tonight, and since it’s bad form to rip into the winner, Obama whacks away at McCain and those focused on “the distraction of the week.”
I’ll be the first to say it. Somebody sounds bitter.
Two readers note the bizarre product placement, in that three guys directly behind Obama are wearing Ambercrombie and Fitch shirts. The logos are huge, and extremely visible. Well, that will break the stereotype that all of Obama’s supporters are latte-sipping twentysomethings angry at Mommy and Daddy.
Obama laments “The threat of terrorism to scare up votes” — ah-ha, a veiled gripe about Hillary’s ad that depicted Osama bin Laden. Because it’s just not fair to remind voters that the next president will still have to fight a war on terror.

While voters tonight saw quite a few brand name t-shirts on camera, there was absolutely no sign of the brand of new politics Barack Obama fictitiously claims to represent. After he misquoted John McCain across Pennsylvania, voters rejected Barack Obama’s brand of old-school politics.” – Alex Conant, RNC Spokesman