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Doesn’t Look Like There’s Much Edwards Effect

Some other oddities in the exit polls in Kentucky.

The poll shows 45 percent of Kentucky Democratic primary voters believed John Edwards’ endorsement of Obama was important. But among those, they split, 48 percent for Obama, 47 percent for Clinton.
I realize John Edwards’ endorsement couldn’t single-handedly carry Obama among working-class whites, but doesn’t this seem pretty marginal? Did Kentucky media underplay the Edwards endorsement? Or was Edwards out of the spotlight long enough for Kentucky Democrats of this demographic to forget why they liked him?
UPDATE: With 91 percent of the vote in, Obama trails, 30 percent to 65 percent. Obama has won two counties so far. A few counties have no results yet, but on CNN’s map, they are islands of white in a sea of light blue (Hillary’s color).
ANOTHER UPDATE: 65-30 with 97 percent in. A 238,000 vote margin for Hillary, although Obama should win Oregon’s million votes by a fairly wide margin later tonight. 


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