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Donald Trump, Milking His Fight With Ron Paul Another Day

Who is advising Donald Trump that the way to win the GOP nomination in 2012 is to get into back-and-forths with Ron Paul about his electability?



During a speech at the Conservative Political Action Conference Friday, Trump said the Texas Republican was an “unelectable” candidate for president. In an interview on CNN’s “American Morning” Monday, Paul countered that he has won 11 elections.

“I don’t know how many elections he’s (Trump) won so far himself,” Paul said.

Monday on CNN Trump countered that he’s never won an election because he has never run.

“But I’ve employed thousands and thousands of people,” Trump said. “I’ve made billions of dollars, which if I ever decided to run, which is a possibility frankly, I would make lots of money for the American people.”

… If Trump were to win the election in 2012, he said his first action would be imposing a 25 percent tax on Chinese products to make sure the Chinese government is “treating us fairly.”

“I’ve never been elected because I’ve never run in an election and maybe I wouldn’t do well and maybe I would,” Trump said. “But I can tell you one thing, if I ever did get elected this country would be respected again.”

Dear Ron Paul fans: We’ve had our differences in the past. But in the battle against Donald Trump, I stand with you.

Paul may have a Himalaya-like uphill climb in any 2012 bid, but the guy who’s been doing reality shows with Rod Blagojevich and Oreo commercials with the Manning brothers really isn’t the guy to be playing the ‘who’s more electable’ card.


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