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Don’t Expect Many, Perhaps Any, Polls of Nevada

Wow. Not only have we not had any polls in Nevada for about six weeks, we’re not going to get any, if this report is true:

National public opinion pollsters, fresh off a glaring failure to pick the winner in New Hampshire’s presidential primary, are now violently queasy about trying to predict a winner in Nevada.
In fact, for a variety of reasons, major news organizations are taking a pass on polling before Nevada’s Jan. 19 caucus…
The disparity in New Hampshire added to the anxiety of pollsters already uneasy about Nevada. Even NBC, whose cable news network, MSNBC, will broadcast Tuesday’s Democratic debate in Las Vegas, has no plans to poll Nevada, said Peter Hart, the Washington, D.C.-based pollster whose firm typically conducts the NBC-Wall Street Journal poll.

What an election cycle. 31 GOP delegates and 25 Democratic delegates at stake, and nobody knows anythig.


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