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Don’t Worry, Jim Moran Will Decide Which Measures to Protect Obama Are Really Necessary

On Inauguration Day, the bridges connecting Virginia to the District of Columbia will be closed to private traffic. It means a lot of folks will be walking in the cold or taking buses.

My congressman, Jim Moran, D-Alexandria, is bringing his usual astute and reasoned assessment to the announced balance between public access, crowd logistics, and security measures:

“The Secret Service, they’re insane,” said U.S. Rep. James P. Moran (D-Alexandria). “This is security on steroids. They are imposing major obstacles on people who have a right to be there for the inauguration.”

This from a man who grabbed an 8-year-old, claiming the child had tried to steal his car.

Those of us who are not fans of Obama are avoiding the pain-in-the-neck (or elsewhere) choice his enthusiasts confront. You can stay home, and miss your chance at witnessing history. Or you can get to a bus stop, where there will be lines. You could take Metro, but the lines there will probably be huge, too. You’ll be dropped off outside the security zone. You can’t take in bags. There may not be enough port-a-potties, and there will be few places to sit beyond the ground. There’s a good chance it will be frigid, umbrellas are not permitted in the security zone, and you’ll probably be looking at a distant monitor.

I’ll be watching the inauguration from a safe distance, three states away.


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