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The DSCC Is Spending Nearly $2 Million in Connecticut?

Wow. A Republican close to the NRSC sends along this word:

The DSCC has for months now insisted that the Connecticut Senate contest is firmly within the Democratic column. And for a time the polling validated that rhetoric. The problem for the committee, now, is that both polling and their spending betrays that notion. After reserving roughly $500,000 in television advertising a couple days ago, the DSCC added yesterday $1.2 million to its ad buy for the remaining three weeks, according to the Washington Post’s Aaron Blake.

Boy, imagine how many jobs you could create if you had $1.7 million. Richard Blumenthal, could you imagine it? How would you create those jobs?

I hope McMahon turns that exchange into a 30-second ad as quickly as possible. Although considering how much Blumenthal’s answer meanders, maybe they’ll need 60 seconds.


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