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Duncan Hunter at the Family Research Council Summit

If I had to guess, I suspect the next Republican to depart the race will be Duncan Hunter.

This will spur even more sighs than the departure of Sam Brownback. Hunter just gave a red meat speech full of applause lines to the Family Research Council audience, and I’d describe the crowd as appreciative. He told a wonderful story of preserving a cross on Mount Soledad, one that can be seen by returning sailors from fifty miles away. When he pledged to preserve and protect America’s ally Israel, several Israeli flags were waved.
There’s a lot of admiration for Hunter in the audience, but I don’t know if this crowd sees him as “Their Man.” It’s been a good run for a good man, but the obstacles of running for president when you’ve only represented a House district – name recognition, fundraising, standing out on a crowded debate stage – may just be too much to overcome.


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