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The Early Word on Turnout in PA-12

One guy watching the Pennsylvania special House election closely tells me of one polling place in Fayette County that has astonishingly low turnout, a little over 100 votes by nearly 5 p.m. On paper, I think that’s good for Tim Burns (although I suppose it might also be good news for Bill Russell, competing against Burns for the GOP nomination in November).

Politico: “Cambria County Elections Director Fred Smith tells POLITICO that 62 percent of the county’s 1,060 absentee ballots in the Pennsylvania 12th District special election were cast by registered Democrats, while 35 percent came from Republicans. Of the 90,740 registered voters overall in the county, 61 percent are Democrats and 31 percent Republicans–so an uptick in early GOP participation, while Democratic turnout is about par, as far as the absentees go.”

Via Dan Riehl, early word on turnout:

Cambria County Director of Elections Fred Smith said early morning rain had an impact and characterized voter turnout as “moderate.”

“The rain slowed down some of the early voters. I predicted a 42 percent turnout and I believe we may still get that,” Smith said. “People are patriotic here in Cambria County and they will come out and vote but the weather has been a factor.”

Patriotism was also cited by voters who slowly streamed in and out of the Lakemont United Methodist Church, polling place for Logan Township’s second precinct.

“Each race is important. If we want change in November, we need to exercise our right to vote now. I am here to vote because people died for our right to do this. I always vote,” said Maribeth Mills.

Voter turnout was light in Blair County, said Ingrid Healy-Tucker, director of elections.

Cambria county has 55,828 registered Democrats and 27,549 registered Republicans; Blair County has 29,602 registered Democrats and 45,658 registered Republicans.

Reports of low turnout are probably good for Burns; polls indicated that his voters were more motivated. But this is speculation….


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