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Easiest Puns Ever

A brief excerpt from Tuesday morning’s lengthy Morning Jolt:

That’s Funny, The RNC Hold Music is Devo’s “Whip It.”

You know, I had just been thinking that Michael Steele was enjoying a string of good luck, on account of the fact that we haven’t heard from him in several weeks.

But no matter how many degrees of separation Steele himself is away from the original transaction, this is . . . bad: “The Republican who spent $1,946.25 on “meals” at a bondage-themed Hollywood nightclub – and expensed the charges to chairman Michael Steele’s Republican National Committee – is the owner of a marketing firm who recently worked for a Republican gubernatorial candidate in California, The Daily Caller has learned. Erik Brown, who owns Dynamic Marketing Inc. and within the last year charged the Steve Poizner for Governor campaign more than $10,000 for campaign literature and mailings, was reimbursed by the RNC for the almost $2,000 in charges at Voyeur West Hollywood, according to FEC filings and online reports reviewed by The Daily Caller.” The guys at Red County have more details.

Now, even aside from your views on strippers, lesbians, or S&M, who in their right mind thinks that this is an appropriate business expense? What does he think this is, the DNC? (You think I kid. Remember, Rep. Loretta Sanchez wanted to hold a fundraiser at the Playboy mansion.) . . .

. . . Now, look, if the end result of this mess is that the RNC recruits some Mistress Esmeralda to take on West Hollywood Congressman Henry Waxman, and running on a platform of fiscal discipline and whipping our budget into shape, she beats him – er, at the ballot box in a D+18 district, all is forgiven.

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