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An Ebullient Hillary Appears on Fox & Friends

The Democrats’ political world looks very different this morning than it did last night.

Hillary’s three point lead in Texas’ primary appears to have held. Obama may win the caucus, but after a considerable amount of tales of woe, confusion, and incompetence — witness footage of people still standing outside caucus sites at 1 a.m. last night — I wonder if any victory for either one in the caucus will be tainted.
Obama won Vermont, as he was supposed to, but Rhode Island turned out to be a surprise, a blowout for Hillary, and Ohio wasn’t that close after all. She had a great night, he had a lousy night.
In the past two weeks, we had started to hear calls for Hillary to drop out for the good of the party. Will anyone dare ask the same of Obama?
And as if the campaign isn’t odd enough, Hillary appeared on Fox & Friends this morning.
“I’m told no one won the party’s nomination in recent history without winning their party’s primary in Ohio.”
She sounds ebullient, as she makes a reference to Karl Rove, who had appeared a moment ago.
Then Rove passes a note to Steve Doocy, “More U.S. presidents have been born in the month of October than in any other month. Hillary, you were born in…”
She laughs, and not the preprogrammed cackle. “October! Thank you, Karl. The omens are just stacking up, what can I say?”
Asked about Rush urging his listeners to vote for her, she said, “Be careful what you wish for, Rush.” She says she doesn’t think there was any crossover vote for her, and that instead there was a crossover effort for Barack… but in the end, what difference does it make?”


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