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Economic Recovery? The Signs Aren’t There in My Neck of the Woods

I mentioned earlier today that Gallup had found the lowest level of self-professed job security since they began measuring in 1975.

Even as public trust in the Democrats’ economic policies falls, you’re still hearing some folks suggest that the economy might improve enough by November to help mitigate the GOP wave that current polling indicates. It’s possible that we’ll see some improvement, but I doubt it. The economy is more than a number that comes out once a month from the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Economic indicators are all around us, and voters see them every time they step outside their door.

To illustrate this, I took a drive around my neck of the woods in Alexandria, Virginia, where we’ve been spared most of the worst of the recession.

As you can see, even where times aren’t that bad, there are still plenty of signs that times are still pretty bad.


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