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Edwards Is Keeping His Bloggers

Edwards issues a statement, declaring that while he was personally offended by what his bloggers wrote, he will not be firing them.

Marcotte also did not comment publicly until the campaign’s statement was released. McEwan defended herself Tuesday in a two-sentence posting on her blog, Shakespeare’s Sister, that noted her vote for 2004 Democratic presidential nominee John Kerry.
“I’m not going to say a lot about this right now, but suffice it to say that the fact I cast a vote, without hesitation, for a Catholic during the last presidential election might suggest I’m not anti-Catholic,” her post read. “My degree from Loyola University might also suggest the same.”

It might suggest that; or it might suggest that she is only respectful to Catholics who agree with her. Once she encounters someone who believes in the doctrine of the faith, she mimics scenes from “The Exorcist” in terms of vulgar sneering and snide sexualization of figures central to the faith like Mary.

McEwen also posted the statement that the Edwards campaign distributed on Shakespeare’s Sister on Thursday. Her portion said that she doesn’t expect Edwards to agree with everything she’s posted, but they share “an unwavering support of religious freedom and a deep respect for diverse beliefs.
“It has never been my intention to disparage people’s individual faith, and I’m sorry if my words were taken in that way,” McEwen’s statement said.


Marcotte’s statement said her writings on religion on her blog, Pandagon, are generally satirical criticisms of public policies and politics.
“My intention is never to offend anyone for his or her personal beliefs, and I am sorry if anyone was personally offended by writings meant only as criticisms of public politics,” Marcotte said. “Freedom of religion and freedom of expression are central rights, and the sum of my personal writings is a testament to this fact.”

Sigh. Why? Why can no one say, ”I’m sorry I offended you,” instead of “I’m sorry you were offended”? The former says, “I did something wrong.” The latter says, “I’m sorry you’re too sensitive.” Why, why, why?
Good luck, whoever the ultimate coordinator for “Catholics For Edwards” is.


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