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Energy Corporation Announces Newest Hire: Democratic Presidential Candidate

I’m not sure if this is an ethical boo-boo, but it’s undeniably odd. How often does a presidential candidate go out and get a job as a consultant for an energy company?
Needless to say, if this were Dick Cheney, it would be considered ipso-facto evidence of corruption on the part of everyone involved.
Because it’s Tom Vilsack, no one will care.

Presidential candidate and former Iowa Gov. Tom Vilsack will be a consultant on renewable energy and the environment to MidAmerican Energy Holdings Co., Vilsack and company officials said Thursday.
“Essentially, I am going to do research and provide input to policymakers in the holding company on issues involving renewable energy,” Vilsack said.
A subsidiary of the holding company, MidAmerican Energy Co., is the largest utility in Iowa.
Vilsack will be paid by the holding company’s shareholders and not its customers, he and company officials stressed. Vilsack said he will not do any lobbying of lawmakers. “I am expressly not a lobbyist,” he said.

If you’re a former governor, and you’re looking for some high-end consulting work, does running for president boost your asking price?


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