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Evaluating the Republican and Democratic Convention Logos

Messages I get from the newly-unveiled 2008 Republican Convention logo…

We’re blue, even though we’ve been talking about the “red states” for the past eight years.
Our trunk is up, which is good luck, according to the superstitious. We have stars in our eyes, which may not have such a good connotation. Either the mouth is open, or we’ve got that Michael Jordan coming in for a slam dunk full tongue extension.
I’m not sure what the three bars are – vaguely reminds me of the D.C. flag. But I guess the overall message is we’re charging hard.
For comparison, the DNC logo is…
Under red skies! Again, those odd three horizontal lines – was that something each side had to incorporate into the design? Also, several shades of blue, suggesting, “our party incorporates a broad spectrum of ideas, ranging from the left, to the further left.”


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