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‘Except for Fundraising… POTUS Has Completely Checked Out.’

Ben White: “One senior Democrat with close ties to Hill leadership told me that ‘except for fundraising, it appears … POTUS has completely checked out.’ With over two years left on the clock, it’s not too late to check back in and turn things around.”

White’s article cites multiple examples of the president seeming strangely detached, disinterested, and disengaged from the usual presidential activities, but perhaps none are more surprising than Harry Reid’s account of Obama not caring about confirmation fights about his own ambassadorial nominees.

Dear Obama voters: You failed. You picked the wrong guy.

You told us we needed this guy in office. You believed he would deliver ‘hope and change’ and insisted to us skeptics he would do that. You told us he would be a post-partisan healer. You assured us he was “the smartest guy ever to become president” and “the triumph of word over flesh, over color, over despair.”

Here we today, and he’s “completely checked out” except for the part of the job you can outsource to any Hollywood celebrity.

Take it all back, Obama voters. Admit you were wrong. Admit that you completely misjudged this guy and how he would react to setbacks and the challenges of the office. Admit that a guy who had been in the Senate two years before announcing his presidential campaign was not ready for the difficulties of the job, and that you bought into the hype of soaring rhetoric. You dismissed all his critics, all the warnings, all the signals that after a few years, he grows bored – as he did in all of his previous elected offices.

To paraphrase one of the great post-game press conferences of all time, he is what we thought he was, and you let him off the hook.

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