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Exit Polls: Gingrich Narrowly Winning Women Over Romney

What jumps out of the South Carolina exit polls . . .

  • Gingrich won women over Romney, 36 percent to 30 percent.

  • Seven percent of exit-poll respondents identified themselves as “somewhat liberal,” 2 percent identified as “very liberal.” Among those who identified as “somewhat liberal,” 30 percent voted for Gingrich, 30 percent voted for Romney. (Never underestimate that some South Carolinians may simply want to mess with the exit pollsters.)

  • Gingrich won among voters who identified themselves as evangelical or born-again Christians, 42 percent to 22 percent.

  • Ron Paul won 14 percent of veterans. His supporters often emphasize how many veterans and enlisted men and women donate to his campaign; others have wondered if his stances on foreign policy and national security would come across as isolationist or dovish. Paul appears to do roughly as well as he does among veterans as among non-veterans.

  • A striking 87 percent said the debates were a factor in their vote; 64 percent said they were “important” to their vote.

  • Three-quarters of respondents said they made up their minds in the last month. Seventeen percent said they decided today.

  • Sixty-five percent approve of how Nikki Haley is handling her job as governor.

  • Thirty-nine percent said they could support Romney enthusiastically as the GOP nominee, 47 percent said they could support with him with reservations, and 12 percent said they would not support him.

  • Sixty-five percent view Romney’s “background as an investor” positively; 28 percent view it negatively.

  • Ninety-seven percent are worried about the economy, 79 percent describe themselves as “very worried.”


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