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Expect a Re-Vote in Michigan, But Not Florida (UPDATE: June 3?)

Looks like there will be a re-vote in Michigan, but not in Florida.

The contest must be held by June 10 for the results to count under party rules. Michigan has an election set for May 6 for voters to decide on education issues. The date of that contest could be changed to accommodate a new presidential primary.
The Clinton campaign made it clear in Michigan that it strongly prefers a state-run primary to mail-in voting during the meeting, according to a campaign official speaking anonymously about the private talks.

People involved in the private meeting said the Clinton advisers favor the state-run primary because there would be less likelihood of problems such as fraud and ballot counting than with a mail-in vote.

In Florida, a solution remained elusive.
Asked if the mail-in re-vote plan will be implemented, [Chairwoman of the Florida Democratic Party Karen] Thurman said, “I have a feeling that this is probably closer to not, than yes.”

A final decision on Florida’s revote is expected Monday.
This is going to leave a lot of Floridians asking, why is Michigan allowed to vote again to ensure their delegates are seated, but we aren’t?
UPDATE: The likely date is June 3. 

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