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Fabulous Favorability Numbers For McCain

McCain’s e-communications guy, Patrick Hynes, is walking around with a smile on his face today:

During the campaign slump of last year (has it been a year already?), I told many bloggers that this far out from an election, “image ratio” is a far more important data set than head-to-head horserace numbers.
And while McCain is neck-and-neck with either Sen. Obama or Sen. Clinton in most national polls, this rule about image ratio remains true in the General Election. Please check out some of the remarkable data from this latest Gallup survey …

  • McCain favorable (all voters): 67% (highest among top three candidates)
  • McCain unfavorable (all voters): 27% (lowest among top three candidates)
  • McCain favorable (Ds & Is): 52%

One more thing of note. Much has been written about how much more enthusiastic the Democrats are this year. Yet Gallup has Sen. McCain with higher favorability among Republicans (87%) than either Sen. Obama (80%) or Sen. Clinton (79%) has with Democrats.

The full Gallup survey can be found here.


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