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FactChecking Obama’s FactChecking

It would help Obama’s campaign if they, while trying to refute Corsi, did not refer to Bob Beckel as a Republican strategist.


Republican Strategist Bob Beckel Said That He’s Convinced Michelle Obama Meant That She Had Seen People Unify Around The Basic Issues And It Made Her Proud. Republican Strategist Bob Beckel said about Michelle Obama’s comment, “She should not have said it the way she said it, but in fairness to her, she said that she had seen people unify around the basic issues and it made her proud. But she was talking about was the fact that she was proud that people were starting to deal with politics from the top down. I am convinced that she meant it that way.” [Fox News Roundtable, 2/19/08]

Beckel’s bio:

After a political baptism as a college student in Robert Kennedy’s 1968 campaign, a tour of duty in the Peace Corps and a successful stint heading up his own consulting firm, Beckel joined the government in 1977.
As the deputy assistant secretary of state, he steered the controversial Panama Canal Treaties through Congress. He moved to the Carter White House to head an administration effort to press Congress into passing the Middle East and Salt II treaties.
He resumed his career as a political consultant until Walter Mondale asked him to manage his 1984 campaign for the presidency. As national campaign manager, he oversaw the successful race for the Democratic nomination.

Attention, Obama campaign: Not everyone who appears on Fox News is a Republican.
UPDATE: I’d also be wary of venturing into chickenhawk territory, Team Obama:

Corsi Wrote Unfit For Command Although He Was Not a Veteran. “Though not a veteran himself, Corsi co-authored “Unfit for Command: Swift Boat Veterans Speak Out Against John Kerry.” [Boston Herald,


Yes, but the other author, John O’Neill, was, and the book collected dozens of veterans’ memories and criticism of Kerry.
This isn’t to say that Corsi hasn’t said some terrible comments in the past, or that his book doesn’t have some glaring errors. But it doesn’t help your cause when the fact-checking requires fact-checking. 

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