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The Fancy Hotels & Luxurious Headboards of Elizabeth Warren’s Campaign

Massachusetts Democrat Elizabeth Warren may tout herself as the candidate of the poorest 99 percent, but someone on her campaign likes staying at hotels worthy of the richest1 percent.

A review of the Warren for Senate campaign’s filings with the Federal Election Commission shows that someone on her campaign stayed at the Starwood Hotel’s luxurious “W” chain three times — once in December in Washington, and twice in New York City, in February and March. The Washington stay cost the campaign $1,099; the February stay cost the campaign $1,058, and the March stay cost $2,124.

According to the Starwood Hotels web site, a room at the W in Washington runs a minimum of $375 per night and goes up to $619; a stay at the one in New York’s Union Square runs at minimum $479 per night and goes all the way up to $4,000. (Hotels may change their price depending on the season and night of the week.) The lowest-cost “wonderful room” at the W features an “ergonomic workspace” and a bathroom with “Bliss Lemon + Sage Sinkside Six.” At the Union Square venue, “pillow-top mattress is layered with a featherbed and down duvet, and accented by plump down pillows and a headboard that winks at the electrifying contrasts of the surrounding neighborhood.”

The Warren campaign likes to emphasize that many of their donors are not wealthy; they said 81 percent of their donations in the most recent quarter were for $50 or less. And now those small donors can rest easy, knowing that Warren or her staffers aren’t forced to make do with one of those mundane, non-winking headboards.

Just to clarify, this is the Elizabeth Warren whose net worth is about $14.5 million, who emphasized in television interviews that she isn’t one of those “wealthy individuals who have a lot of stock portfolios.”

Campaign records through March 31 show Warren’s campaign also spent $18,210 on catering, $18,000 to purchase the e-mail list of, $10,351 to the Hillary Clinton for President campaign to purchase their e-mail list; $7,666 on office supplies, $1,610 on parking, $1,427 on 17 separate charges for flowers from Winston Flowers in Boston, $885 on photocopies, and $414 to “Nestle Pure Life” for “water.”


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