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Feelings … Nothing More Than Feelings …

Obama, today:

“I emphasized to the chairman that when he’s talking to shareholders, when he is in meetings in his boardroom, to keep in mind those individuals; that they are desperate; that some of them, if they don’t get relief quickly, may lose businesses that have been in their families for two or three generations,” the president said. “The chairman assured me that he would keep them in mind.” Mr. Obama said the standard he would be applying “is whether or not those individuals I met with, their family members, those communities that are vulnerable, whether they are uppermost in the minds of all concerned. That’s who we’re doing this work for.”

Rest easy, America; the chairman of BP has assured the president that he will keep the people who may lose businesses in mind. (Among those who may lose a business? The chairman of BP.)

Much as I didn’t care whether the president’s mood was somber or elated while he sought a solution to the leak, I don’t really care whether BP plugs the hole and distributes assistance to Gulf families out of genuine sympathy and concern, a fear of lawsuits, a hell-bent determination to restore their reputation, or a mindset of begrudging resentment. I just care that they do it. 

Mood doesn’t matter. Results do.


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