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A Few More Details On Stately Edwards Manor

Judging by this thread on RedState, John Edwards’ new house is going to generate a lot of talk – it’s just so ostentatious. One could easily imagine your average rapper or NBA star showing off all the rooms and features on an episode of “Cribs.” It’s the details that illustrate the opulence of this dream home. From the News and Observer:

The main living section of the house is 10,778 square feet and has a tax value of $3.1 million, according to tax records. It has five bedrooms, 6 ½ baths and a library. A second wing of the house is connected by a heated enclosed walkway, valued at $192,664, and is lined with family and political photographs.

 The second wing, called “The Barn” by the family, has 6,336 square feet and includes a lounge and offices that are 70 percent complete. It has a current tax value of $567,403. It also has a basketball court, which is 60 percent complete and valued at $300,960; a racquetball court, 70 percent complete and valued at $41,000; and a pool, according to tax records.

 (I was unaware, until today, that Edwards’ old house in Raleigh was in a neighborhood called “Country Club Hills.” I kid you not. The Edwards also currently have an oceanside vacation home in a gated community. The gate, I presume, is to keep one of the Americas out of the other one.) As one commenter on the RedState thread noted, “Man, that’s gonna cost him a ton in carbon offsets.” Speaking of candidates and real estate, Pataki’s campaign headquarters in New Hampshire is available on Craigslist. Looks like a great space for some latecomer to the race. 


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