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The Fierce Urgency of Sometime in the Not Too Distant Future

President Obama, talking about health-care reform in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, right now: “We have months to go before this is done, and we have years to phase in these reforms and get them right.”

Boy, that’s a different tone from “the time to act is now” message from, oh, three weeks ago, when he was saying, “We’ve talked this problem to death.”

UPDATE: The first question to Obama at the event is about why he pursues bipartisanship when the GOP is being “so unreasonable.” It’s good to see the president finally engaging skeptics, huh?

ANOTHER UPDATE: Beyond parody: The second question is from a little girl, who says to the president that signs outside are “saying mean things about trying to reform the system” and how do children know what is true and what is not?

He mentions “death panels,” which I would describe as a Sotomayor-esque “rhetorical flourish that didn’t work” on the part of the former governor of Alaska.


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