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Filtering for Likely Voters: Catch the Fever!

Yesterday, CNN released a poll of registered voters in Florida and found Marco Rubio leading by 2.

Today, there’s a new poll out of likely voters, with a very different result:

Republican Marco Rubio, garnering surprising strength among independent voters, holds a double-digit lead over his two chief rivals in Florida’s U.S. Senate race, a new Sunshine State News Poll reports. The survey of likely voters shows Rubio with 43 percent, independent Charlie Crist with 29 percent, Democrat Kendrick Meek with 23 percent and the remaining 5 percent undecided.The Voter Survey Service poll surveyed 1,016 voters Sept. 1-5 and Sept. 7, and had a margin of error of 3 percent.

Knowing that we’re seeing such huge gaps . . . why are major media institutions still releasing polls that don’t filter for likely voters?


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