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The First Reactions to the Exits, if Not the Exits Themselves

I don’t have the exits, but folks I know in the media and political worlds are getting their first glimpses.

Indicator Number One: I am told that one Democratic strategist, helping a television network with Election Night analysis, just declared that the Democrats were experiencing something on par with mass murder. The GOP counterpart looked at the same numbers and concluded the Democrats are, so far, not getting the urban turnout they need; suburban and rural areas are seeing big turnouts.

Indicator Number Two: One Republican who is seeing early indicators in Florida says, “If this holds, we win everything.”

UPDATE: Huffington Post has the first wave of exit polls

Leaked exit polls for key Senate races now spreading like wildfire among politicos:

Blumenthal (D-CT) +8Rubio (R-FL) +21Blunt (R-MO) +10Boxer (D-CA) +8Kirk (R-IL) +6 Paul (R-KY) +11, NV–EVENBennet (D-CO) +2Toomey (R-PA) +4Murray (D-WA) +6Manchin (D-WV) +7Johnson (R-WI) +5

More (confirmed) exit poll data from the AP:

WASHINGTON – Voters were intensely worried about the future of the economy Tuesday and unhappy with the way President Barack Obama and Congress have been running things. They didn’t hold a favorable view of either the Republican or Democratic parties, according to an Associated Press analysis of preliminary exit poll results and pre-election polls. Overwhelmingly, people at the polls were dissatisfied with the way the federal government is working, and a fourth said they’re angry about it.

I would warn Republicans not to panic about these. Remember 2004.

Indicator Number Three: One Republican watching Missouri indicators closely says Robin Carnahan’s “weak performance as a candidate hurt the democratic party down ballot.”


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